State of Mind

Regain your positive attitude to focus on being your best.

How we feel inside is an essential part of our wellbeing and can have the most impact on how we perform. We can help you treasure it and do all that you can to protect and boost it. Having a positive attitude will help to focus your energy on those things you aspire to achieving. 

Nurturing your state of mind and emotional happiness is a healthy thing to build into your lifestyle. Time focussed on calm, inward reflection – ‘me time’ – is time very well spent. A positive outlook allows us all to deal more easily with the inevitable ups, downs and challenges of daily life. It’s also a great way of boosting confidence so you feel ready to recognise and respond to all of life’s opportunities. In turn, family, friends and colleagues will pick up on your re-charged, re-invigorated outlook too.

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We all probably think we know what happiness is – but how do you measure it? Some scientists have tried to quantify it, but of course, happiness is a very individual emotion. Take some time to think about what happiness means for you. Perhaps it’s good relationships with your family and friends? It could also be healthy wellbeing, creating a positive mood that in turn protects your health. Think about the unique hopes and aspirations that can give a personal, positive focus to your life. You can create an attitude and environment that means happiness isn’t the exception – it can be every day.

Be affirmative

Here’s a simple idea to try: be affirmative. Not just in your thoughts – how about making an out loud commitment to yourself to reinforce a positive mindset? Something short and simple like, 'I will be positive today,' - or a little resolution: 'I will learn something new today.' It might sound a little cheesy, but try it. By saying it out loud, you will introduce the possibility into the world. People who voice a positive thought or intention out loud – even when alone – often show themselves more resilient in the face of stress or pressure. 'Feeding' your mind a diet of positive affirmations means you can’t help but become more optimistic about yourself, no matter what each day brings.

Thought diaries

You may have kept a diary before, but this is something quite different. It’s easy – simply keep a record for yourself of those challenging moments in a day, jot down a note about what you believe might have caused them, plus a positive way you might consider reacting next time. Over a period of time you may start to recognise common patterns and be able to think about why they occur. Best of all, you’ll form a habit of being objective about the challenges you face, and finding new ways to deal with what life throws at you. Try it, you may be surprised at the result!

Relaxation techniques

'Calm down.' Easy to say, not always easy to do. But there are some ways of relaxing that will suit the busiest lifestyles. Controlling your breathing through simple exercises helps reduce stress by focusing on the moment, and placing it in context. Try relaxing all the body’s muscle groups in turn, from head to toe - you’ll ‘feel’ the relaxation spreading through you, as you attune to your body and blot out the noise. Relaxation is a key element in the overall balancing of mind and body, and regaining control of how you respond to daily life.


For centuries, meditation has been used as a way of restoring calm and inner peace to encourage a sense of self-understanding and positive thought. There is no need for expensive equipment, just a quiet, confortable setting – and an open mind. By concentrating on a single focus, either the body’s breathing, one bodily sensation, or a particular word – a mantra – self-awareness increases as the mind and body start working in harmony. At its simplest level, you are creating a moment of stillness in the middle of whatever is swirling around you.

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18 DEC 2018
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Positive mental health for wellness

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Thinking yourself better can be a stress cure and good for mental health. One of the best ways to deal with stress can be to convert concerns, energy and negativity into positive thoughts. Imagine how energising, exciting and liberating it might be! Why spend wasted time and energy worrying about the past, present or future. We can’t change past problems but we can learn from them and move on.

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29 SEP 2018
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The Habits of Happy People

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Happy people can be that positive network to support our mental and behavioural health. Their happiness is a state of mind framing their outlook on life and has a confirmed positive effect on mental and physical health. Happiness is a habit so we should be proactive in seeking it out. People who define themselves as happy tend to have habits that can be seen as being beneficial to both their experiences and perception of happiness.

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