Eating Well

Fuel your body with good nutrition and feel the benefits.

Understanding what you eat can help to improve your wellbeing. We’ll guide you to value what’s in your food and inspire you to try new ways to enjoy a broader diet. It’s easy to discover and delight in food that’s good for you – plus you’ll start to feel more energised and look great too.

The concept of a balanced diet is something most of us understand. Each major food group nourishes our bodies in a different way, supporting different processes – understanding and managing this balance is one of the most important factors in helping us be at our best. We think that doing so shouldn’t be a chore – measuring and checking everything is dull and time consuming. By taking a little time to try new things, you can enjoy the health benefits of a balanced intake, but also enjoy the act of discovery, sharing new ideas and recipes, and remembering what it is to really look forward to mealtimes. You’d be surprised how empowering it is if you realise that instead of just being fuel, food can be fulfilling in so many ways.

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Good food

So, what’s on your plate? What went into your meal? Processed foods are a mainstay of many diets; packed full of additives and preservatives to help them keep longer, or look more inviting - but these same processes diminish a lot of the nutritional value of our food. By having a look around and thinking about where you can find organic, fresh produce, you’ll open the door to a world of tasty, nutritious meals – far better than a microwave meal, or takeaway. Visit a food market and get to know your local suppliers; you’ll receive valuable advice about what’s fresh, and in season. It’s really not as expensive as you might think. You’ll feel better, cook better and find out new recipes you’d never have thought of.

Healthy eating

There’s an old saying: take care of your body; it’s the only place you’ve got to live. Apart from eating smart and cooking fresh you can learn so much about what your body needs to be its best by introducing new foods and meals that don’t just cover the key food groups, but ensure an interesting variety within each meal, planned for taste and not ticking boxes. And unlike many sources of advice on diet, we think it’s okay to eat the ‘naughty’ things now and again. A little bit of what you love is no bad thing. A balanced approach can include the food that makes you smile; healthy food is good for the body, but a little bit of chocolate now and then is good for the soul!

Healthy digestion

Often overlooked and (understandably!) rarely discussed, thinking about the best possible digestion is a real core activity. Almost as important as what we put in is how our body processes and cleanses itself through our digestion. By planning a little more when and how you eat, taking on the right amounts of roughage, digestion-friendly foodstuffs and drinking plenty of water, you can help ensure your body digests and cleanses efficiently. It will become almost second nature, so you can enjoy experimenting with and eating new foods and meals, without worrying about asking too much of your digestive process, or ever having to talk about it again!

Drink more water

When we talk about eating well, it’s easy to forget that simple, wonderful liquid: water. Water is critical to every cell, organ and process in the human body – it’s essential to stay hydrated. Not only will any number of processes from head to toe run smoothly, but you’ll look better - your skin will benefit from this most natural of moisturisers. You’ll also feel alert and energised – you’ll find that the more water you drink, the less need you have for caffeine. Where possible look at getting the purest water possible, too. Glamorous? No. Exciting? Maybe not. But miraculous? Definitely. A crucial aspect of eating well is drinking well.

Eating for energy

From breakfast onwards, our energy levels naturally ebb and flow. So it’s good to plan ahead and pace yourself where you can, maximising the energy you have at different times of day. Too much heavy food at lunch, for example, and you’ll find yourself slumping in the afternoon as your body works hard to break it all down. The choices that you can make for yourself are all good ones – maybe eating small quantities more regularly throughout the day, or thinking about leaner, nutrient-rich meat or vegetable combinations to give you the nutrition without the slowdown. You’ll feel more alive, more energetic, and all that positive energy will feed into everyone around you.

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