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Staying active is not only an important part of a healthy lifestyle but a key element to feeling good.

At Lifeplus we firmly believe that introducing even small changes to improve your levels of activity can yield real benefits to your sense of wellbeing and happiness. Staying active is a crucial pillar of our overall philosophy of helping people to feel healthier and happier – So we’ve put together a few ideas on how to remain focused, sustained and recharged to enjoy a more active lifestyle.


Even minor increases in your activity levels can make a real difference in a number of physical areas, including weight loss, better sleep patterns and even feeling more energised. [1] In addition, exercise has been shown to be helpful in reducing stress as well as adding to a sense of increased confidence. Stay focused by exercising with a friend or taking part in a charity event such as the Lifeplus Foundation Fundraising Weekend which raises money for a number of great causes.

Mix it up for activation

Variety is the spice of life – and the same is true for exercise. Sustained motivation can be achieved by changing things up a little - even setting yourself realistic challenges to accomplish. Different exercises benefit different parts of your body – so if you’re getting a bit bored with walking, mix things up a little by introducing some swimming. Your physique will actually respond positively to these new demands made on long disused muscle groups. Shocking your body with the careful introduction of different activities helps to activate your increasing sense of achievement. Measuring your improvement is a key way to maintain your motivation – enabling you to see the changes that leading a little bit more of an active lifestyle is having. Challenging yourself (and your body) to reach achievable targets will yield positive results that you can see as well as feel – spurring you on to sustain your activity levels and even push yourself just that little bit further. [2]

Refuelling and recharging your body

Making sure that your body is receiving all the essential elements that it needs to recharge and rejuvenate during and after a workout are vital considerations. Staying hydrated during exercise is crucial to maintaining both performance and wellbeing – replacing lost fluids combats the perils of dehydration, including confusion, cramps and exhaustion. [3]

High quality supplements aid muscle recovery, helping to alleviate soreness as well as delivering the key ingredients needed to assist in muscle tissue repair. This enables your body’s own natural healing processes to work more efficiently, especially for the next time you exercise. Advanced nutritional supplements, such as Lifeplus’ own Be Recharged , contain essential amino acids - providing your body with the important building blocks it needs to replenish and recover, so you can do it all again – but this time it’ll be faster and stronger.

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